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Interview: Ananta More

Please share a brief introduction of yours with designation

Ananta More, Executive Director, Lucky Group.

Handles corporate communication and branding of Edible oil brands

During my Masters in Marketing & Finance, I got the opportunity to work on different projects in India and attended marketing seminars in Switzerland by renowned professors.

My greatest marketing learning was how adaptive business has to be these days, in terms of marketing, strategies and product packaging too. A brief moment of successful quarter, cannot ensure success in the next quarter for the brand.

Regular assessment of the brand and Identification of issues thereafter are the key factors to have a sustainable growth.  It’s a continuous evolving process.

After finishing my masters, I joined my family business of Textiles in Gorakhpur, I realised how the products are not getting the global market due to location and reach factor.

As a part of the marketing plan, I introduced digitalisation in the business and worked on the branding of products and thus making path for the brand to go global. In the process, We participated in various textile exhibitions across the world, we registered our presence on online as well offline platforms.  And soon, the products crossed over the bridge to the global market, the connection was built, export started and rest is history. 

Similarly, when I joined GVPl, I sensed so much untapped potential in the products, the company was already among the top three exporters to India, competing with Indian brands  in their own country so we were reassured of the quality of our products.

GVPL is the largest integrated oil refinery plant  of Nepal, which has the most advanced refining as well packaging material manufacturing plant. It is one of a kind unit, and among the very  few  in the South east Asia actually.

But The business was more of push sales driven, to try to convert it into a pull sales mechanism, I worked on packaging and branding.

Thus we launched Ramdev.

Today We are proud to say that It is the fastest growing edible oil brand in the country.

Why is choosing the right cooking oil important?

Food is not only for filling stomachs, it is the most integral part of all our events, the world celebrate over food.

Food is an emotion which connect people to people. Its an expression of love and care.

A mothers shows her love for children through feeding them healthy and yummy meal.

On the technical part, of course our edible oil has so many health benefits, it is enriched with vitamins and minerals.

So choosing right edible oil  is of the greatest importance in the kitchen, it can affect taste, mood and health of the family members.

What has been the history of Ramdev oil?

Ramdev is the premium brand of Ganapati Vanaspati Private Limited, launched in 2020.

GVPL is the largest integrated oil refinery plant  of Nepal, which boasts a state of the art plant imported from India in technical collaboration with Belgian Companies.

Infact GVPL is among the few industries in the world, and the only one in Nepal, to get so extensively into forward, backward and vertical integration.

We are into manufacturing of refined edible for 3 decades now.

We are among the very few industries which has separate pipelines for all the different kinds of oils, from crude to refined oil. This makes it a full proof refinery with almost zero chances of adulteration.

GVPL has gone into forward integration by having its own fully equipped packaging material manufacturing unit  divided into three segments, PET PREFORM to make pet bottles, TIN Processing unit for making tin containers and CORRUGATION PLANT for corrugated boxes.

We also have a soap manufacturing plant, which is made from residual of edible oil as vertical integration.

Infact GVPL is among the few industries in the world, and the only one in Nepal, to get so extensively into forward, backward and vertical integration.

Our in-house ultra-modern laboratory oversees quality control during every rung of the refining and packaging process.

GVPL is truelly a name to reckon with in the business of edible oil. 

Our oil has been competing in full swing with other Indian brand in Nepal as well as in India.

Owing to the same superior quality,  Our premium brand Ramdev has been able to make a place for itself in the segment in no time.

It is the fastest to get recognised and get placement at all the premium stores.

Why do people prefer Ramdev oil over others?

Ramdev is a name trusted by customers for its quality, availability and attractiveness of the packaging.

We understand customers requirement in choosing edible oil, we have been able to build that trust in the market.

When buying our edible oil, customer is putting its families health in our hand, and we value that trust and do not leave a stone unturned in providing them with best quality product.

How is Ramdev oil the perfect combination for Nepali food?

We are extremely vigilant in the manufacturing process and understand taste, aroma and lightness expected from our different variant.. for example, a certain level of pungency is expected from tori ko tel which is preferred for the meat delicacies. Likewise we need a aroma free oil for frying puri so sunflower oil is used and similarly a slightly nutty flavour is liked in sauteed vegetables (saag)  making way for soyabean oil.

Thus we cater to all kind of customers with different choices and needs.

Lots of research and development goes in getting the products right. It’s a consumer driven market.

Edible oils are a source of fat, but too much of the wrong kind can lead to risk of heart disease. Your thoughts on this.

Ofcourse choosing edible oil of wrong kinds can be harmful but our oil  has vitamins and essential minerals in it and its cholesterol free. It is manufactured with utmost carefulness and precisions. Our raw material  is acquired by the most premium vendors in the world and Like I previously also mentioned, we have separate lines for all the three  products so adulteration can be ruled out, making it the healthiest choice for customers.